If you’re looking for a firm that will focus on your individual needs, and always treat you like a client who matters, look no further.  We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your personal situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

  • Representation before IRS and Georgia Revenue Service
  • Collections / Garnishments / Levies
  • IRS Transcript Analysis
  • IRS Audits
  • Identity Theft

Representation before IRS and Georgia Revenue Service – We stand in the taxpayer’s shoes in communications with all taxing agencies.

Collections / Garnishments / Levies – We can fix wage garnishments and bank account levies. We can provide plans for payments and Offers in Compromise to settle tax debt at pennies on the dollar.

IRS Transcript Analysis –A comprehensive analysis of tax history. This process can recover thousands of dollars owed by the agencies to the taxpayer. This can also provide early detection of Identity Theft.

IRS Audits – From CP2000 letters of unreported income, correspondence
audits or agency written requests for additional documentation, to actual
face-to-face meetings with revenue auditors – we can provide the expertise
that the taxpayer needs.

Identity Theft –Prevention / Detection / Recovery: We can help lock down your tax identity exposure to prevent the theft in the first place, but we can also help detect the theft. If already a victim of identity theft, it is important to take immediate steps to recover the identity and stop the fraud in its tracks.